The absolute finest in fine art watercolor painting--western still lives, fabulous dog art, rodeo cowboys, ghost towns, forts and Route 66 neon, all from our Bisbee, Arizona Studios.

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Tad Cheyenne Schutt and Pals

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"Hats Together"--22x29" Cheyenne

There's nothing like a rodeo and a bunch of cowboys to get a person's blood moving!

"The Round Up Twins", a watercolor of surviving neon in Yellowstone, Montana

"Prom Time"--18x24" Memorial Day Lilacs

"Delphiniums du Jour"--14x20"

"Kit's Night Out"--22x29"2x29"


Tad Cheyenne Schutt, one of the countries preeminent watercolor painters, has spent parts of her life in all four corners of the country. She has settled in the old copper mining town of Bisbee, Arizona where her art studio is perched on the side of a hill above town. She shares her studio, with a view of Historic Old Bisbee and Sonora, Mexico with her beloved dogs Noodle and Rags.

With an artistic career that began in the early 1980's, Schutt's art reflects her interest in the Wild West, both real and imagined. With camera in hand and dogs in tow she spent countless hours on the open roads, back roads, country roads, and dirt roads in search of the elusive cowboy image.

Alot of time was spent behind the bucking chutes at such rodeos as Cheyenne, Reno, the National Finals Rodeo and in countless little arenas throughout the west as a rodeo photographer/artist zealot and cowgirl roper wannabe.

During this time of travel she explored much of the old West and her love of history took her to special out-of-the-way places like ghost towns, Indian ruins, Military forts, national parks and towns that have seen more prosperous times. Many of her watercolors sprang from these travels and became subject for her paintings.

In the late 80's Tad decided to put her cowboy art and western peripatetic lifestyle on the back burner and fulfill a fantasy of living in New England. She moved to a small, historic village in Vermont, enjoying many years of semi-solitude and a quiet, country lifestyle.

Inspiration for watercolors came easily at this time. The New England architecture, the gorgeous gardens and the regionalism of a luscious part of the country were easy to translate into paintings. After discovering a local inn's sunporch one bright spring morning the lovely spot became her studio where she assembled and photographed flora still lives from local gardens. These paintings became the basis for her Sun Porch Series.

Despite the success of these painting and an intense love of Vermont, the unbearable winters drove her back West in 1994 where she settled in warm and quirky Bisbee, Arizona, a lovely old Copper Mining Town on the border with Sonora, Mexico. Fortunately summers are still spent in Vermont camping with no electricity or running water on an eleven acre woodlot.

A divine inspiration in 2002 led her to open the Sleepy Dog Guest House, next door to her watercolor studio. Filled with art and quirkiness and a real Western atmosphere, the Guest House caters to travelers and their dog friends. The endeavor has Tad to devote more time to her art and meet some wonderful people and dogs along the way.

Since living back in the west, the watercolors coming out of her studio are reflecting her interest in history and the cowboy myth and combining them with her kitchy collections of western souvenirs and ephemera. Still lives of copper hats, ceramic boots, photos, and toys from the 50's all vie for a center position on one of her still lives.

Chile peppers are another love and have shown up numerous times in Tad's watercolors--great big, red Hatch chiles and lime green beauties from Mexico. Some hefty battles have taken place between plastic cowboys and Indians on her vintage tablecloth mesa panoramas.

Tad Cheyenne Schutt's watercolors have won numerous awards--a regional award in the annual Arts for the Parks Competition in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the National Watercolor Society Past President's Award and the Taos National Exhibition of American Watercolors award for Realism.

Her work has been featured on the cover of the National Finals Rodeo Program, the Reno Rodeo Poster and Program cover, the Sierra Vista, AZ Cowboy Poetry Poster, in Nevada Magazine, and the annual executive Southwest Gas Calendar.


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